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Published in 2017:

Dec. 5: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. By David Adamson.

Nov. 13: Constitution for Sale–Contact Your Congress. By John Gascoyne.

Oct 31: How Dracula and Trump use horror to scare the “ever-living giblets” out of us. By Gary Kimsey

Oct 23: Turn Off the NFL by Bear Gebhardt

Oct 10: Tom Petty: one of the musicians whose soundtracks play behind our lives. By Alan Vitello

Sept. 8: Why Al Franken’s “Giant of the Senate” is a Must-Read for Resistors. By Bear Gebhardt

August 25: Into What Hell Does Trump’s Money Trail Lead Us? By Gary Kimsey

August 18: What Language Might Heal Our Family Fued? By Bear Gebhard

August 4: Don’t speak no English? ‘merica don’t wantcha. By Gary Kimsey

July 31: The Obamacare Nobody Knows – Part II. By David Adamson.

July 20: Pop Quiz: The Twitter-in-Chief’s tweets – Nasty or meaningful? By John Gascoyne.

July 10: The Obamacare nobody knows – Part I. By David Adamson.

July 8: Civil Disobedience – a Primer of Sorts. By John Gascoyne.

June 20: Welcome to World War III, My Friend. By Gary Kimsey.

June 13: Congress Forgets: Healthcare Impacts Real People, Real Lives. By Alan Vitelllo.

June 2: Trump should study the Koran. By Bear Gebhardt.

May 31: I Pledge…I Guess. By John Gascoyne.

May 8: Crossing the Line: One woman’s Feminist Journey. By Mary Roberts.

May 4: SOZUTI–My Last Chance To Get It Right. By John Gascoyne.

April 25: The Russians Are Coming. By David Adamson.

April 18: Writer with Tender Story Fears Return to Back-alley Abortions. By Mary Roberts.

April 7: Escaping the Trump Tower Prison. By Bear Jack Gebhardt.

March 21: Why Trump’s Bait-and-Switch Tweets Confuse Americans. By Gary Kimsey

March 20: Bye, Bye, Democrats: Yadda-yadda, Not a Joiner. By Alan Vitello.

March 20: How a young lady celebrated International Women’s Day. By Lucy Bowman

March 15: The Lost SEAL. By David Adamson

March 10: “I want to stab him in the testicles a million times.” By Mary Roberts

March 9: Recklessly gambling with our children’s future. By Alan Apt

March 8: John Edgar and me—who knew? By John Gascoyne

March 3: Canada: Much More Than Hockey. By Bill Mann

March 2: It’s Time to Reclaim Our Flag. By Janet Sheppard Duvall

Feb. 28: Pot and Copernicus: See You In Court! By Bear Jack Gebhardt

Feb. 27: One Nation, Under God, Avoiding Bigly Crazy. By David Adamson

Feb. 24: Assault on our environment arrives like a tsunami.
By Gary Kimsey

Feb. 17: Government workers must refuse to obey unjust orders. By Bear Gebhardt

Feb. 14: Trump’s ban lets in a world of ironic coincidences. By Gary Kimsey

Feb. 7: Is it November 2018 yet? By John Gascoyne

Feb. 2: First step to resistance: a peaceable daily routine. By Bear Gebhardt

Jan. 31: Welcome to Writers With No Borders. By Gary Kimsey