About Michael C. Dolan

Michael C. Dolan

I was born in wild and wooly Rawlins, Wyoming on August 4, 1943, because it was closer than Denver to the family ranch on the Yampa river, outside of Craig, Colorado.  Vicissitude soon moved us to southern Cal for three or four years, until second grade, which was attended in Denver.  I then grew up in and around Denver, graduating from Golden High School in 1961.

Upon graduation, I enlisted in the Army in a fortuitous fit of pique, spending the next three years, half as an infantry medic with the First Infantry Division in Kansas and half as flight surgeon’s assistant in Panama.

After discharge I matriculated at Colorado State University, majoring in history and physical science.  I then enjoyed a year as a grad student at CSU in neurobiology with Bill Howell, Bobby Thompson and the guys under the aegis of Jay Boyd Best.  On September 6, 1969, I married Mary Ann Muchow, late of Otis, Fort Collins, and Estes Park.

We lived together in the Fort in a relationship more loud than harmonious until the following April, when I ran away to San Francisco to become an astrologer, a study I had undertaken in the preceding year.  The astrology proved to be a difficult way to earn a living, so I returned to the paramedical field and worked as a respiratory therapist/pulmonary function technician for the next couple of years.  In a search for congenial housing, I met Kathie Berg, went out on a date and immediately recognized I should marry her, which I did after a few twists in the road, including starting law school at Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in 1974.

I started law practice in the field of workers’ compensation immediately upon graduation and continued in that field throughout my legal career until retirement in 2013 (or so).

Our daughter, Ashley was born September 14, 1980, shortly after our little family had moved from Berkeley to Oakland, where Kathy and I still live.  Ashley has followed her mother into real estate and moved to Seattle with her husband, Adam.  Their twin boys will be one year old this coming Halloween.

My writing throughout has consisted mostly of the required professional output and lyric poetry, probably best categorized as word poetry.  Poetry in general and word poetry, in particular, require a somewhat terrifying amount of self-exposure, but like all art, the product stands on its own and is not to be confused with the artist.

Michael C. Dolan                                             October 24, 2017