About Janet Sheppard Duvall

I have always been a writer. As a kid, I enjoyed creating hand-written stories, including, “The Mystery of the Swollen Bathtub” (an all-time favorite) and the illustrated short novel, “I Ain’t Spoilt, I Was Though.” In addition to writing fiction stories, I published a family newspaper and documented, in a maroon and gold diary, the trials and tribulations of a girl growing up outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

Janet Sheppard Duval

Janet Sheppard Duvall

I attended college in Appleton, Wisconsin, and earned my B.S. degree in biology. I worked for several years in a genetics research laboratory at the University of Washington, until I realized that I favored living as an activist working for social and environmental change. Moving to northern Colorado, I attended graduate school at Colorado State University and earned my M.S. degree in ecology/zoology. My interest in environmental and land use planning led me to work with Larimer County Planning Office for five years. I spent another five years as a marketing writer and product manager for a large corporation, and then I launched my own business, Deep Water Communication.

As a freelance writer and editor for 30 years, I wrote planning documents, environmental impact statements, and educational materials for the United States Forest Service, Colorado State University, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Colorado Division of Wildlife. I also wrote marketing brochures and documents for Hewlett Packard Company and other private corporations.  At the same time, I have had the good fortune to see many of the articles I wrote about horses, horse training, pets and wildlife published in national horse magazines and our local newspaper.

When the Holnam Cement Plant near Fort Collins, Colo., proposed burning hazardous waste in making cement, I helped to organize the Clean Air Coalition—a citizen group committed to defeating the burning of hazardous waste.  We succeeded in convincing Holnam that burning hazardous waste upwind of homes and schools made no sense. Unsatisfied with the lack of concern exhibited by the county commissioners over environmental and land use issues, I ran for the office of county commissioner for one of the fastest-growing counties in Colorado. I was elected and served as commissioner from 1992–96.

I’m now retired from the 9 to 5 world, but still engaged and writing about social and environmental issues, along with mystery, true crime, and politics.

And I am Monsanto Herbicide Intolerant—an important topic that I sometimes write about. Click here for one of my articles about the topic…