About Gary Kimsey

Gary Kimsey started his writing career in 1967 as a senior in high school writing for The Pioneer, the school newspaper for Van Horn High School, Independence, Mo. Next, he wrote in college for the Rocky Mountain Collegian, Colorado State University’s student newspaper.

Gary Kimsey

Gary Kimsey

Immediately after graduating from college, Gary joined four other men to spend six months retracing the trail of Lewis & Clark by canoe and foot. Gary wrote weekly articles about the adventure for newspapers and magazines around the country.

Since then, it’s been one typed word after another…

His writing career spans a half-century. He worked as a reporter for the Kansas City Star, senior editor, and writer for Denver Monthly Magazine, editor and writer for HealthWord and Colorado State Magazine, and public relations specialist for Colorado State University and then University of Colorado Health, a five-hospital health system in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

He retired from writing for pay from companies in 2013 and has since focused on his own writing. In addition to his work with Writers With No Borders, he writes three blogs:

GaryKimsey.com. His personal blog about the adventures and misadventures of Americans, including himself.

PoudreRiver.org. What it’s like to live along the scenic and historic Cache la Poudre River in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Gary and his wife Patty have known each other since junior high school. They were married in October 2017. They reside part of the year at Patty’s home in Independence, Mo., and the rest of the year at Gary’s home along the Poudre River.

Gary welcomes comments and ideas. He can be reached at GaryKimsey@yahoo.com.