How a young lady celebrated International Women’s Day

By Lucy Bowman

My birthday, March 8, falls on a special day—International Women’s Day. This year I celebrated my 14th birthday with family members by visiting the Colorado State Capitol Building in downtown Denver.

This article’s author, Lucy Bowman, an 8th-grade student in the Denver area, pauses during her visit to the Colorado Capitol. As with most marchers on International Women’s Day, she wore a knitted hat, which has become the symbol of protest around the world.

In the Senate, we were guests of Sen. John Kefalas of Fort Collins. He was very helpful in explaining to me everything that was happening on the floor of the Senate.

One bill discussed was a re-definition of an aspect of marijuana laws. I had expected something like this to be voted down by one side or the other, but there seemed to be bipartisan support for this industry-friendly bill.

The broad support for this bill became shocking to me when I learned that 11 senators, all men, later voted against a measure in support of more women appearing on corporate boards. This was announced around noon, and soundly booed, as we and a few hundred other people were preparing to march around the Capitol building in support of International Women’s Day.

After leaving the Senate floor, I went to the House of Representatives as a guest of Rep. Joann Ginal, also of Fort Collins. The discussions were all interesting and I liked seeing the democratic process in action. It was really inspiring to see Rep. Ginal and so many other women in jobs which play such a huge part in how our government is run.

Lucy with her mother, Shawn Bowman (left), and Rep. Ginal at the Colorado Capitol.

When the female representatives left the room, as a form of protest, they were greeted back by their male counterparts, saying that this job couldn’t be done without them.

Another highlight of the day was when my own House Representative, Jessie Danielson of Golden, stood at the microphone on the House floor. She told the group about me, mentioning that it was my birthday and how I was celebrating International Women’s Day by missing school for the day and wearing red to support the protest.

The International Women’s Day protest marches that took place around the world focused on the theme of Be Bold for Change. Learn more…

I think it’s important to protest because it shows that you really think about an issue, so to finish the day I joined the march around the Capitol.

A family event: Lucy, her grandfather John Gascoyne and aunt Marti Foxhoven participated in the International Women’s Day march in Denver.

The march was the perfect end to a great birthday and it was nice to spend this day with my Grandpa, his friend Mary, my aunt Marti, and my mom, Shawn, all of whom had joined the protest march with me.


Photos by Mary Ray, Fort Collins, Colo., and a thank you to her.

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