Canada: Much More Than Hockey

By Bill Mann

This writer has a border. A good one. I can see Canada, as Mme. Palin once said, from my house.

I lived in Canada for several years, and I miss it to this day. It changed our lives forever.

Bill Mann is a columnist who lives in Washington. He has a lifetime of writing experiences, including contributing humor articles to USA Today. Learn more about him.

My wife and I had the foresight to have our first child in Montreal, where I was doing a column for the English daily and a radio show on a French station.

Ergo, our son is a Canadian, and he now lives in Vancouver, arguably the world’s most beautiful city.

We visit often. We wish were were living there…even before Herr Twitler was elected.

Our son is in the same spot we were during Nixon’s reign. We didn’t have to think of him, and our son doesn’t have to concern himself with The Bright Orange Cowbell, but rather, will Les Canadiens de Montréal make the Stanley Cup playoffs? (J’espère que oui…I hope so).logo_fina_150pixels

Now, imagine a country that’s had National Health Care for 57 years. And one that has very few guns. (And the ones they do have must be registered.)

Imagine a country with a charismatic, liberal, youthful and popular leader. Canada has this, and much more.

We have photos of our two Canadian grandkids on the mantle. Both are posing with Prime Minister Trudeau. Where did they meet him? At the Pride Parade in Vancouver.

Why do Americans know so little about their great neighbor? And why do so few care?

The answer is blowing in the north wind.

To Canadians, we are the heavily armed rubes living downstairs. They have to be nice to us.

And they are the unarmed people upstairs with health insurance whom we don’t know. (We don’t even know that Canadians don’t say “eh” any more.)

We need a wall, all right…up here. To stop the increasing number of Americans who want to head north.

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